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New Arrivals

This website dates back to the early days of the Internet and does not have a shopping cart.  We have found it impossible to convert this website into an e-commerce website.  We have moved all gallery items and some regular stock items to our e-commerce website at which has a shopping cart. However, not all items have been posted to yet and you will have to order them by email or phone. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Item Date Notes
Old Kolinsky Plates May 31, 2023 These are old kolinsky fur plates.
Black Bear 1-Claw Necklaces (560-RBC1B-AS) December 20, 2022 These Black Bear 1-Claw Necklaces come with assorted types and colored beads. Sold wholesale only. Not for retail.
Pig Rib Bones (1395-10-AS) December 20, 2022 These are assorted pig rib bones.
Giraffe Rib Bones (1201-10-Gxx) June 30, 2022 We have a giraffe rib bone for sale.
10 Human Teeth (1351-10-Gxx)
10 Human Molars (1351-11-Gxx)
June 30, 2022 We have some real human teeth for sale. Buy on
Camel Leg Bones (1350-20-Gxx) June 30, 2022 We have a few camel leg bones available for sale.
Merino Ram Horns (320-30-AS) June 29, 2022 We have some merino ram horns available for sale.
Yak Skins (1384-Gxx) June 10, 2022 We have tanned yak skins available for sale.
Hair Seal Skins (150-50-AS) March 25, 2022 We have lower quality hair seal skins available for sale.
Ermine Skin:#2:12-16" (204-2-12/16) February 9, 2022 We have a new #2 grade size available.
Polished Red Mexican Abalone Shells (221-23RP and 221-34RP) November 26, 2021 We have 2-3" and 3-4" polished red Mexican abalone shells.
Argentine Gray Fox Skins (180-00-AS) November 23, 2021 Argentine gray fox skins are not for export.
Czech Heavy Rabbit:#2/3:Natural (283-2-CZN-AS)
Czech Heavy Rabbit:#2/3:White (283-2-CZW-AS)
November 18, 2021 A new grade #2/3 is available for the Czech heavy rabbit skins.
Raffia Animals (1347-xxx) November 17, 2021 The raffia animals are made from raffia palm fibers in Madagascar.
Rex Rabbit Massage Mitts (696-9RXCN-S) November 17, 2021 Soft and luxurious white rex rabbit massage mitts are available for sale.
Akoya Shell Buttons 24-Line (384-24L) November 17, 2021 A new size is now available for sale.
Pack Baskets (1373-L-Gxx and 1373-S-Gxx) October 19, 2021 We have two sizes of pack baskets available for sale. Buy on
Bobcat Skins (338-Gxx) October 19, 2021 We have some tanned bobcat skins available for sale.
Ring Seal Skins (150-60-Gxx) June 10, 2021 We have tanned ring seal skins avaiable for sale.
Harp Seal Skins (150-40-Gxx) June 10, 2021 We have tanned harp seal skins available for sale.
Small Skunk Tails (18-SK-S)
Medium Skunk Tails (18-SK-M)
June 1, 2021 We sorted our skunk tails into two sizes: small and medium.
Mounted Timber Wolf Rugs (1037-RUG-Gxx) February 9, 2021 We now have mounted timber wolf rugs available for sale.
Hair-On Wolf Claws (209-40H-AS) November 26, 2020 We now have wolf claws with some hair attached.
Iroquois Peace Pipes (102-Gxx) November 26, 2020 We have a couple Iroquois peace pipes available for sale.
Boar (Domestic Pig) Skulls (15-264-Gxx) November 26, 2020 We have a limited number of boar skulls for sale.
Mannagrass Braids (63-30-AS) November 20, 2020 We have new mannagrass braids available as an alternative to sweetgrass braids.