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Raffia Animals

Left: Assorted Small Raffia Animals. See a size comparison with a soda can.

Right: Large Striped Lemur with Baby. See a size comparison with a soda can.

The raffia animals are made from raffia palm fibers and come in variety of colors. We will send you send an assortment of colors.

Order Code Description Price Each
CR-1347-CHS-AS Raffia Chameleon:Small C$18.88
CR-1347-CRS-AS Raffia Crocodile:Small C$18.88
CR-1347-GIS-AS Raffia Giraffe:Small C$18.88
CR-1347-LE1S-AS Raffia Spotted Lemur:Small C$18.88
CR-1347-LE2S-AS Raffia Striped Lemur:Small C$18.88
CR-1347-LIS-AS Raffia Lizard:Small C$18.88
CR-1347-TUS-AS Raffia Turtle:Small C$18.88
CR-1347-LB2L-AS Raffia Striped Lemur with Baby:Large C$37.78

Genus and species: Raphia farinifera.

Made in Madagascar

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