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Warthog Tusks

The warthog tusks are sorted by size. The length is measured with a tape measure on the outside curve.  The tusk is hollow inside with a solid part at the tip. The longer the tusk is, the larger the solid part is. The extra-large tusks are about 3/4 solid whereas the small tusks are solid at the tips only.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT sort for matching pairs. These are sold individually and does not come in sets/pairs.

Order Code Description Length Price each
CR-1023-SM Warthog Tusk:Small 2" to 3" C$14.32
CR-1023-ME Warthog Tusk:Medium 4" to 5" C$19.83
CR-1023-LG Warthog Tusk:Large 6" to 7" C$30.86
CR-1023-XL Warthog Tusk:Extra Large 8" to 9" C$41.88
CR-1023-JU Warthog Tusk:Jumbo 10" to 11" C$59.52

Genus and species: Phacochoerus africanus.  Wild.

Warthogs are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Product of Zimbabwe or South Africa

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