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Turbo Shells

Left: Natural polished Turbo Sarmaticus; Right: Dyed Copper Turbo Imperialis Shells.

See a size comparison of the Dyed Copper shells with a quarter and a soda can

These highly polished turbo shells are beautiful decorative shells.  We carry two kinds: the Turbo imperialis, which has a more pronounced spiral tip like a snail, and the Turbo sarmaticus, which is flatter. They come in two styles: natural polish and dyed copper polish.

These shells are natural products so their sizes will vary. The measurements below are approximate and are measured from the opening across the shell length-wise. 

Also commonly known as alikrekel, periwinkel, and maggi pie.

Order Code Description Approximate Length Price
CR-672-P-S Turbo Sarmaticus:Polished:Natural:Small 2" - 2.5" (5 - 6.25 cm) C$9.92
CR-672-P-M Turbo Sarmaticus:Polished:Natural:Medium 2.5" - 3" (6.25 - 7.5 cm) C$12.68
CR-672-P-L Turbo Sarmaticus:Polished:Natural:Large 3" - 4" (7.5 - 10 cm) C$15.99
CR-672-P-CP-M Turbo Sarmaticus:Polished:Dyed Copper:Medium 2.5" - 3" (6.25 - 7.5 cm) C$15.99
CR-672-P-CP-L Turbo Sarmaticus:Polished:Dyed Copper:Large 3" - 4" (7.5 - 10 cm) C$17.09
CR-1143-P-CP-S Turbo Imperialis:Polished:Copper:Small 2.5" - 3.5" (6.4 - 8.9 cm) C$36.38
CR-1143-P-CP-M Turbo Imperialis:Polished:Copper:Medium 3.5" - 4.5" (8.9 - 11.4 cm) C$37.49

Genus and species: Turbo Sarmaticus. Wild.
Genus and species: Turbo imperialis. Wild.

Turbos are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Product of South Africa

Photos of Turbo Shells

See the bottom and a size comparison with a quarter

Polished Natural Turbo Sarmaticus

See a size comparison with a quarter and a soda can

Polished Dyed Copper Turbo Sarmaticus

See the bottom and a size comparison with a quarter

Polished Natural Turbo Imperialis