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Sheep Leather

Prairie Gold Deer Tanned Shaved Sheep Leather

Tannery run grade leather is a mix of grades.  Sheep leather is available in medium and heavy weights.  They are not shaved to specific weights so the weights below are approximate. Sheep leather has two layers to it and is much easier to sew than deerskin or most other leathers as the needle goes through the hide much easier. 

The tannery run #1 grade hides are clean and are a good quality throughout. There are few holes or imperfections such as scratch marks that are mostly on the suede side and may have small patches and/or spots of uneven coloring. 

The tannery run #2 grade hides have some damage on the leather and suede sides (e.g. rubs, scratches, etc.).  They may have a few holes and patches and/or spots of uneven coloring.

We also carry good quality shaved sheep leather in prairie gold. Shaved leather have a more uniform thickness than tannery run leather and fewer to no holes. Deer Tanned leather is leather that has been tanned to resemble the soft, buttery and stretchy state of deer leather.

The leather side of both the black tannery run #2 and black craft sheep leather are plushed - that is, shiny and smooth to the touch. Both grades are also relatively thinner than the others and have minor holes and scratches. The difference is that the craft leather has holes more to the middle of the hide.

Order Code Description Size Price per Sq. Ft.
CR-588-SH-PG3 Deer Tanned Shaved Sheep Leather:Prairie Gold:3 oz 5-10.5 sq ft C$10.48
Order Code Description Size 1-99 sq ft. 100+ sq ft.
CR-588-TR2-BK Sheep Leather:Tannery Run #2:Black (sq ft) 3.75-7.25 sq ft. C$7.17 C$6.07

Genus and species: Ovis aries. Ranch raised.

Sheep are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Product of Canada

Photos of Sheep Leather

Order Code: CR-588-SH-PG3

Deer Tanned Shaved Sheep Leather:Prairie Gold:3 oz

This 7.25 sq. ft. hide measured 98 cm long, 74 cm wide at the top, 72 cm wide in the middle, and 75.5 cm wide at the bottom. It weighs 0.43 kg.

See a size comparison with a soda can

Order Code: CR-588-TR2-BK

Sheep Leather:Tannery Run #2:Black

This 4.5 sq. ft. hide measured 79 cm long by 66 cm wide across the middle. It weighs 0.15 kg.

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