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Lucky Cane Toads

See a size comparison with a soda can of the Lucky Cane Toad without coin and the Lucky Cane Toad with coin

Left to Right: Lucky Cane Toads without and with coin

These stuffed large cane toads are so life-like and are perfect display pieces. They are available in natural brown and come with or without a coin in its mouth. Sizes will vary, as these are natural products, but they average about 4" to 5" long, 3" wide, and 3" tall.

The leather is soft and supple.

These are available on a custom-order basis and prices are subject to change/review.

Order Code Description Price each
CR-1019-30L-NA Lucky Cane Toad:Large without Coin:Natural Brown Please email us
CR-1019-31L-NA Lucky Cane Toad:Large with Coin:Natural Brown Please email us

Genus and species: Rhinella marina. Wild.

Cane toads are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Product of the Philippines