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Hippopotamus Teeth

Hippo Canines

We have a limited number of hippo teeth, or canines, are from Zimbabwe available.  They are sorted by size.  The length is measured from tip to tip and on the outside curve of the canines.  The width is measured at the base of the teeth.

Please note that teeth crack and chip with age.

Order Code Description Price each
CR-1241-20B Hippo Canine:Broken (Medium size) C$55.00
CR-1241-20S Hippo Canine:Small C$55.00
CR-1241-20M Hippo Canine:Medium C$75.00

Genus and species: Hippopotamus amphibius. Wild. CITES II.

Hippopotamuses are considered to be threatened and are subject to CITES controls.

All shipments outside of Canada are subject to a CITES export fee and will require a CITES export permit.

Product of Zimbabwe

Photos of Hippo Canines

Hippo Canine:Small

Order code: CR-1241-20S

Length along outside curve: 13 to 16.5 cm
Width at base: 2 to 3.5 cm

See with a ruler

Hippo Canine:Medium

Order code: CR-1241-20M

Length along outside curve: 16 to 30.5 cm
Width at base: 2.5 to 4.5 cm

See with a ruler

See with a ruler

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