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Deerskin Leather Laces
50 Foot Spools

See a size comparison of the 3/16" spool with a soda can

3/16" Gold deerskin lace spools are for reference only to show the lace widths. Gold is discontinued.

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We stock various colors of deerskin leather lacing on 50 foot spools.  The lacing on each roll is continuous - i.e., they are spliced in the factory to produce a continuous length. See color chart below for available colors.

These laces are tanned and then dyed. They come from different dye lots so there will be some variation in color. Also expect some variation in width as deerskin is very hard to cut to a consistent width.

Metric Conversion: 
3/16" = 4.5 mm
50' = 1,500 cm

Order Code Description Price
CR-297-316x50CC Deerskin Lacing:3/16" x 50':Charcoal C$49.60 C$24.99
CR-297-316x50CH Deerskin Lacing:3/16" x 50':Chocolate C$74.74 C$24.99
CR-297-316x50FU Deerskin Lacing:3/16" x 50':Fuchsia C$49.60 C$24.99
CR-297-316x50PP Deerskin Lacing:3/16" x 50':Purple C$49.60 C$24.99
CR-297-316x50TQ Deerskin Lacing:3/16" x 50':Turquoise C$49.60 C$24.99
CR-297-316x50WH Deerskin Lacing:3/16" x 50':White C$74.74 C$24.99

Genus and species: Odocoileus virginianus. Wild.

Deer are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Made in the USA

Colors Available