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Deer Rawhide

See a size comparison of the bleached White Tail rawhide with a measuring tape, a view of it rolled up and a close up

See a comparison between the bleached and unbleached White Tail rawhides

See the back of the Red Deer rawhide and a size comparison with a soda can

Left: Select White Tail Deer Rawhide; Right: Red Deer Rawhide

Our white tail deer rawhide is of good quality and has no holes. Our red deer rawhide are first-grade and come from ranch-raised red deer so they are clean without bullet holes. These average 18 to 20 sq. ft., bigger than wild red deer, which average about 15 sq. ft. Both kinds of rawhide are sold by the hide.

The bleached select-grade rawhide is prepared in a light parchment color (i.e., like pale honey) using a hydrogen peroxide treatment. The natural select-grade rawhide is unbleached and has a darker brown tint. Its sound and strength is the same as the bleached, and it is more malleable than the bleached rawhide when wet. 

One select white tail deer rawhide measured 56" long, 28.5" wide across the top, 28" wide across the middle, 35" wide across the bottom, and weighed 1 kg.
One red deer rawhide is measured to be 64.25" long, 45" wide at the top, 42.50" wide at the middle, and 52" wide at the bottom. It weighed 2 kg.

Rawhide is also referred to as parchment or vellum.

Order Code Description Price each
CR-55-40-SELB White Tail Deer Rawhide:Select:Bleached C$149.99
CR-55-40-SELN White Tail Deer Rawhide:Select:Natural out of stock indefinitely C$149.99
Order Code Description Price each
CR-55-45-1-AS Red Deer Rawhide:Assorted out of stock indefinitely

Genus and species of white tail deer: Odocoileus virginianus. Wild.
Genus and species of red deer: Cervus elaphus. Ranch.

White tail and red deer are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Product of Canada

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