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Coyote Faces

We have a steady supply of quality tanned coyote faces.  These coyote faces come from Canadian coyote skins that are used to make collars for top-of-the-line parkas.  They are ideal gift ship items for children and are ideal for craft projects. The select faces have better eyes, ears, and noses than the #1/#2 faces.  The #1/#2 faces have noses that do not lay as flat and may not be as full faced as the select faces. The assorted coyote faces are a run and are not sorted by quality.

These are natural coyote faces, i.e., they are not dyed.

Order Code Description Price Each
CR-19-05-Select Coyote Face:Natural:Select C$10.00
CR-19-05-#1/2 Coyote Face:Natural:#1/#2 C$5.00
CR-19-05-AS Coyote Face:Natural:Assorted C$5.00

Genus and species: Canis latrans. Wild.

Coyotes are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Product of Canada

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