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Butterfly and Moth Jewelry

Urania ripheus Necklace

These unique butterfly and moth necklaces and earrings are made from real butterflies, each individually handcrafted to preserve them beautifully. Note that size and color may vary slightly.

Necklaces are hung from 20" bright silver finish chains. Earrings use hypoallergenic surgical steel, that is suitable for sensitive skin.

Order Code Description Price each
CR-1266-NW001 Necklace:Urania ripheus C$62.83
CR-1266-NW029 Necklace:Papilio phorcas C$63.93
CR-1266-NW049 Necklace:Phoebis philea C$60.09
CR-1266-NW121 Necklace:Graphium sarpedon C$60.09

These butterflies and moths are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Product of Malaysia.

Butterfly and Moth Jewelry Photos

See in packaging and size comparison with a quarter and the back view

Urania ripheus Necklace

The wings are approximately 3" wide and 3.25" high.

See the back view and a close up

Papilio phorcas Necklace

The butterfly measures 3" wide at the widest point and 3.75" high.

See the back view and a close up

Phoebis philea Necklace

The butterfly measures 2.75" wide at the widest point and 2.75" high.

See the back view and a close up

Graphium sarpedon Necklace

The butterfly measures 2" wide at the widest point and 3" high.

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