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Buffalo Leather

See the back with a size comparison with a soda can

Tobacco Tannery Run 3-3.5 oz.

The buffalo leather is sold by the hide.  Each hide is marked with its size.  The hides average between 12 square feet and 28 square feet.  We can usually select either small, medium, or large hides according to your wishes.  We will not, however, cut hides to measure or select just the best hides.

These skins are full grain or top grain leather.  They are NOT just splits. The texture is rougher than deerskin or moosehide.  The skin also stretches less than deerskin.

The tannery run skins are a mix of grades.  They are not flawless, but are not junk either.  Expect some holes and/or flaws.  If you can work around these, this skin is for you.  If not, stick to a true garment grade.

The tannery grade 1 gold buffalo leather are pretty clean, mostly number one half skins. The tannery grade 2 gold buffalo leather have more scratches on the grain side.  They are about the same size as the tannery grade 1 gold but just not as nice.

Order Code Description Size 1-99 sq. ft. 100+ sq. ft.
CR-334-TR-CD5 Buffalo Leather:Tannery Run:Dark Cork:5-5.5 oz. 18-24 sq. ft. C$9.10 / sq. ft. C$8.00 / sq. ft.
CR-334-TR-CK5 Buffalo Leather:Tannery Run:Cork:5-5.5 oz. 17-25 sq. ft. C$9.92 / sq. ft. C$8.82 / sq. ft.
CR-334-TR-TB3 Buffalo Leather:Tannery Run:Tobacco:3-3.5 oz. 17-27 sq. ft. C$8.00 / sq. ft. C$6.90 / sq. ft.
CR-334-TR1-PG3 Buffalo Leather:Tannery Run 1:Gold:3-3.5 oz. 10-15 sq. ft. C$8.27 / sq. ft. C$7.17 / sq. ft.

Genus and species: Bison bison.  Ranch raised.

American Bison are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Product of Canada

Photos of Buffalo Leather

See the suede side and a size comparison with a soda can

See the suede and leather side of the Dark Cork hide together


Dark Cork Tannery Run, 5-5.5 oz.

This 22.50 sq. ft. hide measured 100" long, 35" wide at the top, 34" wide at the middle, 48" wide at the bottom and weighed 3.03 kg.

See the suede side and a size comparison with a soda can


Cork Tannery Run, 5-5.5 oz.

This 17.75 sq. ft. hide measured 226 cm long, 73 cm wide at the middle, and 115 cm at its widest point. It weighed 1.95 kg.

See the underside and a size comparison with a 48" long ruler.


Gold Tannery Run 1, 3-3.5 oz