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Black Bear Claws

See a size comparison of the Large and Jumbo claws with a quarter

See a close up view of the tip and the top part of a claw

See a size comparison of the hair-on claws with a quarter and a group photo

Left: Black Bear Claw; Right: Hair-On Black Bear Claw

These black bear claws are very clean and of nice quality. They have been cleaned and prepared to the best level we have seen anywhere.

The jumbo claws are about 2.5" to 3" long on the curve. They are typically from 300 to 500 pound black bears and are very rare. The large claws measure 2" to 2.5" on the curve. The rear claws measure 1" to 2" long on the curve. The claws are measured from the top of the white part to the tip of the claw.

Order Code Description Price each
CR-209-04-REAR REAL Black Bear Claw:Rear/Smaller Front C$19.85
CR-209-04-L REAL Black Bear Claw:Large OUT OF STOCK
CR-209-04-J REAL Black Bear Claw:Jumbo OUT OF STOCK
CR-209-04-MIX-AS REAL Black Bear Claw:Mixed Sizes:Hair On C$27.56

Genus and species: Ursus americanus. Wild. CITES II.

For sale in Canada only. Not for export. Subject to CITES controls.

Product of Canada