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African Abalone Shells

Cleaned and Edged African Abalone Shell

We have limited number of cleaned and edged African abalone shells in stock in various sizes. Abalone shells are often used for smudging ceremonies by the Native Americans in the United States and Canada.  

Please note: the sizes are based on the longest length of the shell.

Order Code Description Price
CR-220-10-1314 African Abalone Shell:Cleaned & Edged:5-5.5” C$19.91
CR-220-10-1415 African Abalone Shell:Cleaned & Edged:5.5-6" C$24.35
CR-220-10-1516 African Abalone Shell:Cleaned & Edged:6-6.5" C$32.34
CR-220-10-19+ African Abalone Shell:Cleaned & Edged:7.5"+ C$59.90

Genus and species: Haliotis midae. Wild.

This particular species of abalone was placed under CITES III trade controls by South Africa in May 2007.  In June 2010, the South African government removed the CITES status on this shell. No CITES permits are required any longer.

The larger shells (4" and larger) are generally from wild stock found in the ocean.  These shells were harvested legally by commercial canning operations in South Africa.  Because of over harvesting and rampant poaching, the wild stocks are under threat.  The smaller shells are almost all from commercial aquaculture operations and are a renewable resource that is not under any threat.

Product of South Africa

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