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Woolly Mammoth Ivory Bark

See size comparison with a square ruler.

The fossil woolly mammoth ivory bark was found on the side of a river bed in the Yukon.  We purchased them from a gentleman who bought them from a store called the Whale's Tale in Vancouver in the early 1970's.  The store is no longer in business.  He was told that the age may be in excess of 20,000 years old.

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CR-554-30 Fossil Woolly Mammoth Ivory Bark (lb) C$120.25 / lb.

There are no export controls for fossils.

Product of Canada

Woolly Mammoth Ivory Bark

Fossil Woolly Mammoth Bark (lb)

Order code: CR-554-30

Price: C$120.25 / lb.

See size comparison with a square ruler.

See close up of some of the pieces.

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