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Non-Native Smoked Moosehide

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These are smoked moosehides tanned in the traditional way by a non-Native tanner. They are freeze scraped by hand in winter, and treated using only natural ingredients. Soft and supple, these hides are usually thick, fall harvested hides, and are perfect for crafting winter moccasins. We sell them as full hides or pieces.

Each piece is cataloged and priced separately.  The price varies by the quality of the hide, thickness, color, and suppleness.

Please see our gallery below for a list of all available hides for sale. We usually take more pictures than we post on the website. Please ask if you want to see more pictures or closeups of the hides.

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Genus and species: Alces alces. Wild.

Moose are not an endangered species. Native Americans hunt them for food. The animal was not killed just for its skin.

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