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Rabbit Plates

Heather (Coyote) Rabbit Plate

The Spanish and Chinese (and others) make material for the garment industry out of rabbit skins.  They usually trim each skin to make a rectangle measuring 6" by 12" and then sew 12 skins together to make a rectangular piece of material called a "plate."   These plates are then used as trim on jackets, gloves, and other garments.  The plates can be made from natural white and natural mixed color skins and can be dyed and further processed into unbelievable colors and textures. 

Our Spanish plates are the highest quality plates in the world without question.  They are used by the fashion industry in France and Italy and for garment production in Europe, the USA, China, South Korea, and Taiwan.  

The size of the plates varies somewhat from plate to plate and from country to country.  Recent measurements of some plates at random are as follows: 45.75" by 24", 45.75" by 23.75", and 46" by 24".  These measurements were made on the hide side of the skin.  The plates will appear to be a bit bigger on the fur side.

The hair on these long hair plates are 1.25” to 1.5” long.

In the Native American trade these plates are often referred to as "rabbit blankets."

Long Hair Spanish Plates:#1:Natural Colors

These are #1 grade rabbit plates available in natural or dyed colors.

Order Code Description Price each
CR-140-1L-HE Long Hair Spanish Rabbit Plate:#1:Heather C$192.94

Long Hair Moroccan Plates:Grade 4:Natural Colors

The grade 4 rabbit plates have weaker hair coverage than the grade 3 plates.  They are generally made from full skins with some minor sewing on the back.  The repairs are not typically visible on the hair side.  These plates are not made from pieces or scrap.   They are ideal for use as lining or general craft projects that do not require dense hair.  The hair is approximately 1" long.  They range in size from 45.5" to 48.5" long to 22" to 24.5" wide and weigh about 0.7 to 1 pound.

Order Code Description Price each
CR-140-4L-HE-AS Long Hair Moroccan Rabbit Plate:#4:Heather C$102.89
CR-140-4L-WH-AS Long Hair Moroccan Rabbit Plate:#4:Natural White C$93.44

Genus and species: Oryctolagus cuniculus.  Ranch raised.

The plates come from rabbits that were raised for the food industry. The rabbits were not killed just for the feet.

There are no export controls for this item.

Product of Spain or Morocco

Photos of Natural Color Rabbit Plates

See the back side of the plate

Natural White

See the back side of the plate

Heather (Coyote)