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Czech Rabbit Fur Strips

These are fur strips made from genuine Czech rabbit fur. Priced and sold by the linear foot.

Order Code Description 1-9 10-99 100+
CR-1263-RBCZWH20 Czech Rabbit Fur Strip:White:2" wide (ft) C$16.54 C$10.75 C$7.99
CR-1263-RBCZBD15 Czech Rabbit Fur Strip:Jumbo:Black Dyed:1.5" wide (ft) C$14.55 C$9.92 C$7.28

Genus and species: Oryctolagus cuniculus. Ranch.

Rabbits are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Made in Canada using rabbits from the Czech Republic

Rabbit Fur Strips Photos

Czech Rabbit Fur Strip:White:2" wide (ft)

Order Code: CR-1263-RBCZWH20

See its full length against a 48" ruler

See the back side, and a size comparison with a soda can

Czech Rabbit Fur Strip:Black Dyed:1.5" wide (ft)

Order Code: CR-1263-RBCZBD15

See the back and a size comparison with a quarter and a close up of the strip

See a view of a bundle 134 ft. long