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Fur Knife and Blades

Left: Fur Knife with Two Blades (does not come with a blade inside)
Middle: Fur Knife shown with Glade Inserted. See a size comparison with a quarter.
Right: Fur Knife Blade Precut into Two Triangular Blades. See a size comparison with a quarter.

See below for a video demonstrating how to use the fur knife.

The fur knife was designed especially for use by furriers in working with fine furs, such as mink, coyote, sable, and fox. The blade is incredibly sharp and cuts through fur like it is going through butter. The knife can also be used on lightweight leathers, hides, and for other craft projects.

The fur knife does not come with a blade already inside. You can open the cover to insert a blade that is supplied with the knife. The knife comes with two blades. Each blade is precut into two triangular blades.

Replacement blades are sold in packs of 10 or 200. Pack of 10 blades will have 20 triangular blades. Packs of 200 blades will have 400 triangular blades.

The Aeterna blades from Sweden are already cut into two triangular blades for easy use in the fur knife. These blades are much safer than the German blades that are scored and must be snapped into two pieces. The fur knife blade is an old-fashioned razor blade that has been pre-cut into two (2) triangular half blades that can be used in the knife. The blade is designed to fit into our fur knife perfectly.

Handle with care.

Order Code Description Price
CR-1139-10 Fur Knife with 2 Blades C$55.11
CR-1139-11 Fur Knife Blade Precut into 2 Triangles (10-pack) C$25.10 for 10-pack
CR-1139-11 Fur Knife Blade Precut into 2 Triangles (200-pack) C$298.00 for 200-pack

There are no export controls for this item.

Knives are Made in Pakistan
Knife Blades are Made in Sweden

How to Use the Fur Knife