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Cree Tamarack Geese

See a size comparison of the Small geese with a soda can and another view

Small Tamarack Geese

We offer Cree Tamarak Geese decoys from our office in Toronto.

The Cree hunters of James Bay originally used the life-sized tamarack birds as decoys during their annual spring and fall hunts.  Made from the tamarack (larch) tree, the tamarack bird represents the Canada Goose.  The hole in it's head symbolizes the white patch on the head of the Canadian Goose.  

The core of the body is composed of a ball of twigs and the outer part is shaped into a goose.  You will notice the fragrance of the tamarack tree, if the birds is stored in a hot dry place, but the aroma will eventually leave the bird as it  dries out.  To revive the fragrance, submerge the bird in hot water for approximately ten minutes.  You may repeat this procedure as often as you wish.

This dying part of the James Bay Cree tradition was revived in 1968 by Mr. John Blueboy of Moose Factory, Ontario.  Mr. Blueboy came up with the idea of making miniature birds to sell as souvenirs or gifts.  Since then, the Cree living in the James Bay region have taken up the art.

The size (height) is measured from the top of the head straight down to the surface.

Order Code Description Size Price Each
CR-106-01 X-Small Tamarack Goose  out of STOCK indefinitely ~4.5" to 5" C$45.00
CR-106-02 Small Tamarack Goose ~5" to 5.5" C$60.00
CR-106-03 Medium Tamarack Goose  ~5.5" to 6.5" C$80.00
CR-106-04 Large Tamarack Goose  ~7.5" to 8.5" C$120.00
CR-106-05 X-Large Tamarack Goose out of STOCK indefinitely ~8.5" to 9.5" C$160.00

Genus and species: Larix laricina. Wild.

Native Made in Canada