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Australian Sheepskin Shearling

See the back of the 3/4" shearling and a size comparison with an 18" ruler

See the back and a close up of the 1" shearling

Left to Right: 3/4" white alum-tanned, and 1" white Australian shearling

The Australian sheepskins are soft and luxurious and the skin is clean and supple.  The skins average around 7-10 square feet and are ideal for lining and car seat covers. Each sheepskin is shaped differently.

The 3/4" shearling is only available in brilliant white. ​Alum tanned skins are softer and has a parchment color back, and they are more appropriate for garments. The 1" shearling is currently available only in white. These are chrome tanned. Chrome tanned skins have a heavier, blue back and are better for dying and being around water.  Chrome is more appropriate for heavy-duty stuff.

One skin measured 42" (107 cm) long and (77.5 cm) 30.5" wide down the middle and weighed 2.76 pounds (1.25 kg).

Please note: We sell these by the hide and the hides are priced per square foot.

Order Code Description 1-49 sq. ft. 49-99 sq. ft. 100+ sq ft.
CR-78-11-001 Australian Sheepskin Shearling:1":White C$21.84 C$19.66 C$17.69
Order Code Description Price per sq. ft.
CR-78-11-W-0.75A Australian Sheepskin Shearling:3/4":White:Alum Tanned C$21.75

Genus and species: Ovis aries.  Ranch raised.

The sheepskins are a by-product of the food industry.  The sheep were not killed just for their skin. The skins have been chrome-tanned.

Product of Australia, Tanned in China

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