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Fur Pompoms

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Stay fashionable with these cute fur pompoms made from genuine fox, coyote, and finn raccoon fur. They come with two black ribbons, so they can be attached to purses, keychains, hats, and clothing. They measure between 4.5" to 5.5" (11 to 14 cm) in diameter.

We also have Czech rabbit fur pompoms in natural and dyed colors. Pompoms made in Canada measure 3.5" to 4.5" (9 to 11 cm) in diameter. Pompoms made in the Czech republic come in two sizes: Medium (~3") and Large (~3.5"). Please note that colors of dyed pompoms may vary slightly with each dye lot.

For more information on where and how these fur pompoms are sourced, see below.

We can also turn these into a fur pompom keychain for an additional C$3.25 per pompom. The keychains are tied onto the pompoms with the ribbons that come attached. Just let us know if you prefer a nickel or gold mesh or snapback key chain.

Order Code Description 1-11 12-23 24-99 100+
CR-1267-BFNA Fur Pompom:Blue Fox:Natural C$20.00 C$17.50 C$16.00 C$15.00
CR-1267-BFBD Fur Pompom:Blue Fox:Dyed Black C$20.00 C$17.50 C$16.00 C$15.00
CR-1267-CYNA Fur Pompom:Coyote:Natural C$20.00 C$17.50 C$16.00 C$15.00
CR-1267-FRNA Fur Pompom:Finn Raccoon:Natural C$20.00 C$17.50 C$16.00 C$15.00
CR-1267-IFNA Fur Pompom:Indigo/Blue Frost Fox:Natural C$20.00 C$17.50 C$16.00 C$15.00
CR-1267-RFNA Fur Pompom:Red Fox:Natural C$20.00 C$17.50 C$16.00 C$15.00
CR-1267-SFNA Fur Pompom:Shadow Fox:Natural C$20.00 C$17.50 C$16.00 C$15.00
CR-1267-SVNA Fur Pompom:Silver Fox:Natural C$20.00 C$17.50 C$16.00 C$15.00
Order Code Description 1-11 12+
CR-1267-RCBD Czech Rabbit Fur Pompom:Dyed Black C$20.00 C$17.50
CR-1267-RCBG Czech Rabbit Fur Pompom:Bunny Gray OUT OF STOCK indefinitely C$20.00 C$17.50
CR-1267-RCBL Czech Rabbit Fur Pompom:Dyed Blue C$20.00 C$17.50
CR-1267-RCDB Czech Rabbit Fur Pompom:Dyed Dark Brown C$20.00 C$17.50
CR-1267-RCPK Czech Rabbit Fur Pompom:Dyed Pink C$20.00 C$17.50
CR-1267-RCRD Czech Rabbit Fur Pompom:Dyed Red C$20.00 C$17.50
Order Code Description 1-11 12+
CR-1267-RZNAMD Czech Rabbit Fur Pompom:Natural:Medium C$20.00 C$17.50
CR-1267-RZBKMD Czech Rabbit Fur Pompom:Black:Medium C$20.00 C$17.50
CR-1267-RZWHMD Czech Rabbit Fur Pompom:White:Medium C$20.00 C$17.50
CR-1267-RZNALG Czech Rabbit Fur Pompom:Natural:Large C$20.00 C$17.50
CR-1267-RZBKLG Czech Rabbit Fur Pompom:Black:Large C$20.00 C$17.50
CR-1267-RZWHLG Czech Rabbit Fur Pompom:White:Large C$20.00 C$17.50

Genus and species of blue and shadow fox:  Vulpes lagopus.  Ranch.
Genus and species of silver fox: Vulpes vulpes.  Ranch.
Genus and species of red fox: Vulpes vulpes.  Wild.
Genus and species of coyote: Canis latrans. Wild.
Genus and species of finn raccoon: Nyctereutes procyonoides. Ranch.
Genus and species of Czech rabbit: Oryctolagus cuniculus.  Ranch.

Finn Raccoons are not generally considered an endangered species. There are a few areas, such as Japan, where they are considered endangered. None of our skins come from areas where Finn Raccoons are considered endangered.

These species are not subject to CITES controls.

Made in Canada
Czech Rabbit Pompoms are Product of Czech Republic, Made in Canada
Medium/Large Sized Czech Rabbit Pompoms are Made in Czech Republic

Photos of Fur Pompoms

Dyed Black Blue Fox

Blue Fox


Finn Raccoon

Indigo/Blue Frost Fox

See a size comparison with a quarter

Red Fox

Shadow Fox

See a size comparison with a quarter

Silver Fox

See a size comparison with a quarter

Czech Rabbit Dyed Black

See a size comparison with a quarter

Czech Rabbit Bunny Gray

See a size comparison with a quarter

Czech Rabbit Dyed Blue

See a size comparison with a quarter

Czech Rabbit Dyed Dark Brown

See a size comparison with a quarter

Czech Rabbit Dyed Pink

See a size comparison with a quarter

Czech Rabbit Dyed Red

See a size comparison with a quarter

Czech Rabbit Black

See a size comparison with a quarter and the variety of colors

Czech Rabbit Natural

See a size comparison with a quarter

Czech Rabbit White

How to Use Your Fur Pompoms


The fur pompom above is attached using its ribbons.

See a sample finn raccoon fur pompom keychain attached to a purse and a close-up.

Source of Furs

The fur used in these pom poms come from a mix of wild and ranch-raised animals.  The coyote and red fox are ethically sourced by hunters in the United States and Canada.  The blue fox, white fox, silver fox, Finn raccoon, and some red fox are typically ranch-raised in Canada or Scandinavia according to strict laws governing the humane treatment of the animals at all stages of their lives.  The furs are then tanned in Canada or the United States at tanneries that are equipped with proper filtration systems to ensure that no damage is done to the environment.  The pom poms are then made by a furrier in Toronto.

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