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Zebra Skins

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We only offer Burchell's zebras trophy grade at this time.  Burchell's zebras are not endangered and are quite common in the wild.  There are more than 240,000 animals living in the wild today. 

Most of our zebra skins come from government-approved herd thinning implemented to protect and encourage propagation of all species.  Some of the skins are from hunters on safari.

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CR-168-T-Gxx Zebra Skin:Trophy Grade See gallery items on

Genus and species: Equus quagga.  Wild.

Burchell's zebras are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Product of South Africa

Grading Notes

Zebras live in the wild and are attacked by predators (lions, hyenas, cheetahs, and wild dogs) which leave scars.  Some scratch themselves and cause minor damage to the skin.  Our zebra skins are of all sizes and grades.  Skins that are completely blemish free are virtually unknown.  Because of this, we offer the skins in four different grades: 

Trophy Grade These are the best skins possible.  Good head, good body, tail.  Nice presentation. Very few flaws. Assume the top 1/10% of what is available (1 in 1,000). 
Everyone has a different grading system.  One competitor recently wanted to buy trophy skins from us and said that she buys these for US$1,000.  I laughed.  One person's trophy skins is someone else's lower-grade skins.  These are true trophy grade skins.
First Grade Minor imperfections which are only seen upon close examination.  All zebra skins have rubs around the groin.  Good for decoration, making ottomans and furniture.
Second Grade Larger imperfections.  Some are obvious from several feet away.
Third Grade Repaired imperfections caused from scratches and predators. These are primarily used for craft purposes, e.g., making pillows, gun cases, key fobs, etc.