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Skunk Skins

Left to Right: Craft, Trading Post, Large Skunk Skins

The trading post grade skunk skins are a medium size skin with a good body. They have a decent face and tail. There is a yellowish tint to the skins. We have cased and uncased skins. A cased skin measured approximately 16" wide, 52" long body, with a 28" long tail, and weighed 0.152 pounds. An uncased (flat) skin measured approximately 26" wide, 49" long body, with a 33" long tail, and weighed 0.098 pounds. Keep in mind these are just two random skins we measured and sizes are approximate.

Please note these are not appropriate for taxidermy as they have no lower face.

Order Code Description Price
CR-54-TP-AS Skunk Skin:Trading Post

Genus and species: Mephitis mephitis. Wild.

Striped skunks are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Product of Canada or USA