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Reindeer Leather

Chocolate reindeer leather

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This is topgrain #1 grade light weight reindeer leather. The reindeer leather is sold by the hide.  They are 1.5 to 2 ounce weight. See below for pictures showing the colors.

The #2 grade reindeer leather are veg-tanned and range from 8 to 17 square feet in size. These are nice, thin and supple pieces, with very minor defects.

Order Code Description Price per sq. ft.
CR-472-4207 Reindeer Leather:Chocolate C$12.00
CR-1314-V2NA-AS Reindeer Leather:Veg Tanned:#2 Grade:Natural:Assorted** C$15.96
CR-1314-V2NA-Gxx Reindeer Leather:Veg Tanned:#2 Grade:Natural:Gallery** See gallery items on

**out of stock indefinitely

Genus and species: Rangifer tarandus. Ranch.

Reindeer are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

The reindeer are ranched by the Lapp in Finland.  The animals are killed for meat. The furs, legs, and feet are byproducts of the food industry.

#1 Reindeer Leather is Product of Finland
#2 Reindeer Leather is Product of Sweden

Reindeer Leather Colours

Reindeer Leather:Chocolate

Order Code: CR-472-4207

Below are the measurements for the piece shown on the right.

Size: 8.4 sq ft
Length: 109.22 cm
Width: 95.25 cm
Weight: 0.34 kg

See the back and a size comparison with a soda can

Reindeer Leather:Veg Tanned:#2 Grade:Natural

Order Code: CR-1314-V2NA

Size range: 8 to 17 square feet

See the suede side and a view of the leather thickness

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