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Muntjac Deer Skulls

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This is a professionally cleaned muntjac deer skull, complete with horns and fangs.

Also known as Barking Deer for their dog-like calls, this species of deer is known for their long canine teeth, from which the term, "vampire deer" refers to. They also have short, single-pointed antlers, and are prominent in southern England. Their skulls somewhat resembles dragon skulls.

As this is a natural product, sizes will vary.

We measured one skull to be 16.5 cm long, or 23.5 cm if the horns were included, 7.5 cm wide across the top of the skull, and 10.5 cm between the horn tips. Overall height was 10 cm, and it weighed 189 grams. 

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Genus and species: Muntiacus reevesi. Wild.

Muntjac deer are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Product of the United Kingdom

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