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Memeluck Dolls

From left to right: Medium, Large and Small Memeluck Dolls

See the front view and size comparisons with a soda can of the Small, Medium and Large dolls

See the back view of the Small, Medium and Large dolls

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These are handmade dolls made with real fur. Some have plastic faces and others are carved from wood. They come in 3 sizes and are all listed on our online cart gallery. They are all unique pieces. Below are examples of what we carry.

Also known as eskimo dolls.

NOTE: The coloring of the fur may be different depending on the resolution and brightness of your screen.

Order Code Description Price
CR-1317-S-Gxx Memeluck Doll:Small:Gallery See gallery items on
CR-1317-M-Gxx Memeluck Doll:Medium:Gallery See gallery items on
CR-1317-L-Gxx Memeluck Doll:Large:Gallery See gallery items on

For sale in Canada only. Not for export because they are made of assorted furs.

Made in Mexico

Examples of Memeluck Dolls

Small Memeluck Dolls


Medium Memeluck Dolls


Large Memeluck Dolls

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