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Grizzly Bear Hides

Left: Grizzly Bear Hide; Right: Mounted Grizzly Bear Rug

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These are tanned grizzly bear hides including claws. The mounted grizzly bear rugs are mounted on brown felt.  See the galleries below for available hides in stock.

If you would like to buy a bear hide that is listed as sold out, please call us at 1.800.206.6544.  We may be able to find another one for you.

Order Code Description Price
CR-324-10-Gxx Grizzly Bear Hide:Gallery See gallery items on
CR-324-RUG-Gxx Mounted Grizzly Bear Rug:Gallery OUT OF STOCK INDEFINITELY

Genus and species: Ursus arctos. Wild. CITES II.

All shipments outside of Canada are subject to a CITES export fee and will require a CITES export permit.

Product of Canada

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