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Fur Pompom Keychains

See a size comparison with a soda can

These are real fur pompom keychains made from finn raccoon fur. They come in assorted colors and hang from leather straps attached to gold hinged keyrings. Relatively lightweight, they measure ~14 to 15 cm in diameter, not including the strap.

Order Code Description Price each
CR-42-FP-FR00-AS Finn Raccoon Fur Pompom Keychain:Assorted Colors C$44.09
CR-42-FP-BFNA-AS Blue Fox Fur Pompom Keychain:Natural:Assorted C$41.99
CR-42-FP-BFBD-AS Blue Fox Fur Pompom Keychain:Black Dyed:Assorted C$44.09

Genus and species: Nyctereutes procyonoides. Ranch.

There are no export controls for this item.

Finn raccoon are not subject to CITES controls. They are not generally considered an endangered species. There are a few areas, such as Japan, where they are considered endangered. None of our skins come from areas where Finn Raccoons are considered endangered.

Made in China

Photos of Fur Pompom Keychains

Here is a sampling of the assorted colors available.

Available colors are Dark Purple, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Red, Rose (i.e., Hot Pink), Light Gray, White and Natural.

SOLD colors: Black, Navy, Gray, Beige, Royal Blue, Brown

Our model, Alexandra, is wearing a Wool Hat with a Fur Pompom and a Fur Pompom Keychain, natural color

See another view

See another view

Natural Blue Fox Fur Pompom Keychain

See another view

Dyed Black Blue Fox Fur Pompom Keychain

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