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Fox Tails

See a size comparison of the red fox tail with a soda can.

Left: Indigo Fox Tail; Right North American Red Fox Tail

We stock a small number of premium quality fox tails at our office in Toronto for customers to buy either on-line or in person. They come in various sizes, ranging from 12" to as long as 20", and as they are natural tails, they also come in varying looks.

Our jumbo red fox tails come from ranch-raised foxes, and they are the biggest tails we have ever seen, averaging 16" to 21" long. These are hard to come by and are usually available only for a limited time. See a size comparison with a regular North American red fox tail.

We also have premium white shadow fox tails on sale. Long, plush and vibrant, they are from fashion-quality skins from Finland. These premium tails average 13" to 18" long, and 4" to 5.5" wide.

The galleries of individual tails below are some of the nicest tails we have ever seen.

We can turn them into a fox tail keychain for an additional C$3.25 per tail.  Just let us know if you want a nickel or gold mesh or snapback key chain and fur clasp

Our supplies of fox tails varies. We may have what we think is a good selection and adequate stock and then have someone buy every tail we have in a certain species. Stocks can change quickly, so please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Order Code Description  Price Each  
CR-18-05-0 American Gray Fox Tail** C$25.00  
CR-18-05-12-AS Marble Fox Tail** C$25.00  
CR-18-05-4-AS Blue Fox Tail:Assorted C$19.99  
CR-18-05-4-SEL Blue Fox Tail:Select C$25.00  
CR-18-05-5-AS Crystal Fox Tail** C$25.00  
CR-18-05-57-AS Indigo (Blue Frost) Fox Tail:Assorted C$19.99  
CR-18-05-57-SEL Indigo (Blue Frost) Fox Tail:Select C$25.00  
CR-18-05-6-AS North American Red Fox Tail C$19.99 Buy on
CR-18-05-6JR North American Red Fox Tail:Jumbo:Ranch** C$29.99 Buy on
CR-18-05-8-AS Silver Fox Tail:Assorted C$19.99  
CR-18-05-8-SEL Silver Fox Tail:Select C$25.00  
CR-18-05-8GI-AS Golden Island Fox Tail** C$25.00  
CR-18-05-9-AS Shadow Fox Tail C$25.00  
CR-18-05-AS Fox Tail:Assorted C$25.00  
CR-18-05-3-AS Black Dyed Fox Tail:Assorted C$19.99  
CR-18-05-3-SEL Black Dyed Fox Tail:Select C$25.00  
CR-18-05-BR-AS Brown Dyed Fox Tail** C$25.00  
CR-18-05-AD-AS Dyed Fox Tail:Assorted C$25.00  

**out of stock indefinitely

Genus and species of Blue, Shadow, Black Dyed, and Brown Dyed: Vulpes lagopus. Ranch raised.
Genus and species of Indigo, Marble, Red, Silver and Golden Island: Vulpes vulpes. Ranch raised.
Genus and species of American Gray: Urocyon cinereoargenteus. Wild.

Indigo fox is a cross between a silver and blue fox.

Product of Canada or Finland
American Gray Fox Tails are Product of the USA

Photos of Fox Tails

Blue Fox Tail

Crystal Fox Tail

Indigo Fox Tail

Silver Fox Tail

Golden Island Fox Tail

Shadow Fox Tail

Black Dyed Fox Tail

Brown Dyed Fox Tail

See a size comparison of a regular North American red fox tail with a Jumbo Ranch North American red fox tail

North American Red Fox Tail

Marble Fox Tail

Assorted Fox Tails

Assorted Dyed Fox Tails

American Gray Fox Tail


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