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Beaver Skins

See the back of the sheared beaver rug and a size comparison with an 18" ruler.

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These are tanned beaver skins.  Except for the beaver skins with tails, the beaver skins do not have tails.  If you are trying to make something with the beaver skins (like a blanket or throw or pillows), please keep in mind that the useable size will be smaller than the maximum dimensions.  Please do not hesitate to ask for help with measurements if needed. 

The #1 skins are very nice quality for decoration or for craft projects requiring the best skins available.  They do not have any significant imperfections.

If you are looking for a wonderfully comfortable rug to put your feet on while working at your desk, try a sheared beaver skin. Sheared beaver has a truly decadent feel to it. All of the long guard hairs have been removed and only the dense underfur remains.  Each skin is slightly different in shape and dimensions - some are more oval while others are rounder.  These beaver skins have been machine sheared. They have not been hand-plucked.

Order Code Description Price each
CR-50-1-L-AS Beaver Skin:#1:Large C$226.24
CR-50-1-XL-Gxx Beaver Skin:#1:Extra-Large:Gallery See gallery items on
CR-50-55-Gxx Sheared Beaver Skin:Gallery See gallery items on

Genus and species: Castor canadensis.  Wild.

Beaver are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls. They are very common in Canada and parts of the United States.

Product of Canada or the USA

A Note on Sizes and Weights

The sizes shown below are for tanned beaver skins and are approximate. The extra-large skins are also commonly known as blanket beavers because of their sizes.

Size Length Width Weight
Extra Small under 21" 12"-14"  
Small 21"-23" 12"-16" 1 lb.
Medium  23"-25" 14"-17" 1.34 lbs.
Large  25"-30"  14"-20" 1.5 lbs.
Extra Large 30"-36"  18"-24" 2 lbs.
Extra Extra Large 36"+ 20"+  

The sizes shown below are for sheared beaver skins and are approximate. Please inform us if you have a size preference and we will do our best to accomodate it.

Size Length Width Weight
Assorted 27"-34" 18"-25" 0.80 lbs.