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Attikamek Twig Dreamcatchers

Large Attikamek Twig Dreamcatcher

These simple dreamcatchers are handmade by native artisans from twigs, deerskin leather and feathers.

Order Code Description Price
CR-1260-10-XS Attikamek Twig Dreamcatcher:Extra-Small C$15.00
CR-1260-10-L Attikamek Twig Dreamcatcher:Large C$80.00

Genus and species of the feathers are unknown.
Genus and species:Odocoileus virginianus. Wild.

White tail deer are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

For sale in Canada only. Not for export.

Native-Made in Canada

Photos of Attikamek Twig Dreamcatchers

Attikamek Twig Dreamcatcher:Extra-Small

Order Code: CR-1260-10-XS

One extra-small dreamcatcher measured 3" wide (7.6 cm), 11" long (27.9 cm) and 0.25" thick (0.64 cm). It weighed approximately 7 g.

Price: C$15.00

See a size comparison with a soda can.

Attikamek Twig Dreamcatcher:Large

Order Code: CR-1260-10-L

One large dreamcatcher measured 10" wide (25.4 cm), 33" long (83.8 cm), and 2" thick (5.1 cm). It weighed 100 g.

Price: C$80.00

See a size comparison with a soda can.

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