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Attikamek Twig Dreamcatchers

See a size comparison of both sizes with a soda can

From left to right: Large and Extra Small Attikamek Twig Dreamcatcher

These simple dreamcatchers are handmade by native artisans from twigs, deerskin leather and feathers.

An Extra Small dreamcatcher measured 3" wide (7.6 cm), 11" long (27.9 cm) and 0.25" thick (0.64 cm). It weighed approximately 7 g. A Large dreamcatcher measured 10" wide (25.4 cm), 33" long (83.8 cm), and 2" thick (5.1 cm). It weighed 100 g.

Order Code Description Price
CR-1260-10-XS Attikamek Twig Dreamcatcher:Extra-Small C$16.54
CR-1260-10-L Attikamek Twig Dreamcatcher:Large C$88.20

Genus and species of the feathers are unknown.
Genus and species:Odocoileus virginianus. Wild.

White tail deer are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

For sale in Canada only. Not for export.

Native-Made in Canada