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Angora Goatskins

See the back of the goatskin and a close up of the hair

White Angora Goatskin

We offer a variety of grades of angora goatskins from South Africa or Argentina.  Please see Photos and Grading & Sizing notes below.  We currently only have first grade angoras in Canada.

Mohair grows continuously. Goats are shorn bi-annually to prevent the animal from stepping on its own fleece.

*These items are available on a custom-order basis and prices are subject to change/review.

Order Code Description Price each
CR-66-A1S-WH-AS Angora Goatskin:#1:Small:White:Assorted* C$244.99
CR-66-A1M-WH-AS Angora Goatskin:#1:Medium:White:Assorted* C$264.99
CR-66-A1L-WH-AS Angora Goatskin:#1:Large:White:Assorted* C$286.99
CR-66-A1XL-WH-AS Angora Goatskin:#1:X-Large:White:Assorted* C$299.99
CR-66-A1XXXL-WH-AS Angora Goatskin:#1:XXX-Large:White:Assorted* C$359.99
CR-66-A1M-RD-AS Angora Goatskin:#1:Medium:Dyed Red:Assorted* C$144.99
CR-66-A1XL-MC-AS Angora Goatskin:#1:X-Large:Multi-colored:Assorted* C$281.99

Genus and species: Capra hircus. Ranch.

Angora goats are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

The skins are a by-product of the food industry. The animals were not killed just for their skins. 

Product of South Africa or Argentina

Grading & Size Notes

Grade Description
Super Deluxe

Excellent color, extra long hair (5" or more), good curl.  These are very hard to come by and are available infrequently.


Excellent color, very long hair (4" to 5"), good curl.  These skins are alum tanned for a nice, supple finish.  These are very hard to come by and are available in limited quantities only. 

First - Natural These skins are alum tanned for a nice, supple finish, have good color, 3" hair or longer with good curl, and good size and shape.
First - Dyed

These are alum tanned for a nice, supple finish, have good color, ~1" long hair, and good size and shape.   

Second - Natural & Dyed Shorter hair, some curled and some straight hair.  Some have good 3" hair length but are not as thick as #1.  Color is good.
Sheared These have been sheared so they have short hair (1-2" long).  

Length and width are measured down the middle of the hide side. The length includes the neck which is 6" or longer.

Size Length Width
Medium 28-29" 20-23"
Large 29-33" 22-26"
X-Large 33-38" 21-27"
XX-Large 38-41" 27-28"
XXX-Large 38-42" 27-30"

Photo Gallery

Left: Alan and Chelsea at their estate in South Africa

A sampling of #1 grade skins.  Note the good size and colouring.

A close-up view of the hair of a #1 grade White skin.

Multi-colored Angora Skin

Cleaning Instructions

Do not dry clean the skins as the dry cleaning process will remove the natural oils from the skin.  You can spot clean the hair side with Eucalan™ Wool Wash.  Do not soak the hide side.  You can order the Eucalan™ Wool Wash from our warehouse in New York.

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