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African Porcupine Quills

Left: Large Porcupine Quills.

Right: Assorted Thin and Thick B-Grade Porcupine Quills.

See more pictures below.

We have large and extra large African porcupine quills that were specially collected for us over a three-year period in South Africa.  The large quills are 9" to 11" long and the extra large quills are 11" or longer.  They are 6 to 9 mm thick in the middle.  These quills can be used for fishing bobbers.  The quills have been cleaned and sterilized.

We also have some B-Grade African porcupine quills that are of a lower quality.  These quills may be bent, flattened, have broken ends, or otherwise flawed.  They come in bundles of thick and thin quills.  The thick b-grade quills are 3 to 8 mm thick in the middle.  The thin b-grade quills are 1 to 5 mm thick in the middle.

We also have some white quills available in various sizes, most averaging between 3" to 12" long.

Order Code Description Length Price Each
Price Each
CR-184-02L African Porcupine Quill:Large 9" -11" (22.8 - 28 cm) C$4.41 C$3.59
CR-184-02XL African Porcupine Quill:X-Large 11"+ (28 cm+) C$4.97 C$3.86
CR-184-02B1 African Porcupine Quill:B-Grade Thick 4.5" - 13" (11 - 33 cm) C$2.21 C$1.10
CR-184-02B2 African Porcupine Quill:B-Grade Thin 6" - 17.5" (15 - 44 cm) C$1.66 C$0.83
CR-184-02WH African Porcupine Quill:White Various, mostly 3" - 12" C$1.09 C$0.55

Genus and species: Hystrix africaeaustralis.  Wild.

South African porcupines are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Product of South Africa

Pictures of the A-Grade Quills

Large (CR-184-02L)

Extra Large (CR-184-02XL)

Pictures of the THICK B-Grade Quills

Pictures of the THIN B-Grade Quills

Picture of White Porcupine Quills

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