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Zebra Hats

These stylish hats are made using Burchell's zebra skins from South Africa.  Burchell's zebra are not endangered and are quite common in the wild.

Order Code Description Price
CR-1213-10-Gxx Zebra Hat:Gallery C$225.00

Genus and species: Equus burchelli. Wild.

Burchell's zebras are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Made in South Africa

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Burchell's Zebra Hat

Order Code: CR-1213-10-G01

Length: 14.5"
Width: 13.25"
Depth: 3.5"
Leather Strap: 32.75"
Weight: 250 g

Price: C$225.00

See the inside and a size comparison with a soda can.