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Everything found here is either a closeout, odds & ends item, damaged merchandise, or is available only in limited supply.  If it is not marked sold, it is probably available as we update these pages frequently.  

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Metal Handcuffs with Key

Order code:  CR-649-G11072601

Quantity in Stock: 1

These are adjustable silver-tone metal police-issue handcuffs made in Taiwan. They are 9” long and 3” wide. One cuff and shackle is 4" long. It is incised with “HWC” and 156367.

Price: C$50.00

Used Polo Club

Order code:  CR-649-G12071301

Quantity in Stock: 1

This is a used polo club from Canada.  This is too long to ship and must be picked up from our Toronto office.

Length: 72.9" (185 cm)
Width at Bottom: 10" (25.5 cm)
Dimension of Top: 1.2" (3 cm)
Dimension of Bottom: 3.8" (9.5 cm)

Price: C$100.00

See a close-up picture of the polo club.

Glass Display Jars

Order code:  CR-649-G15082002

Quantity in Stock: 2

Smooth jar
Length: 32 cm
Width: 10 cm
Weight: 1.30 kg

Ribbed jar
Length: 28.5 cm
Width: 11 cm
Weight: 1.12 kg

Price: C$25.00 each

Clay Pot

Order code:  CR-649-G15082003

Quantity in Stock: 1

Height: 17.5 cm
Diameter of opening: 18.5 cm
Diameter of base: 19 cm
Weight: 1.64 kg

Price: C$25.00

Blue Glass Bottles

Order code:  CR-649-G15082004

Quantity in Stock: 3

Height: 42.5 cm
Diameter of base: 7 cm
Weight: 0.96 kg

Price: C$25.00 each

Wood Carving of Pig

Order code:  CR-649-G15082007

Quantity in Stock: 1

Length: 25 cm
Height: 19 cm
Width of the body: 10 cm
Width at the ears: 12 cm
Weight: 1.23 kg

Price: C$25.00

Andy's Teeth

Order code:  CR-649-G16042601

Quantity in stock: 1

Andy is almost 78 years old and is offering his teeth as a medical specimen to raise money for Jack Daniels.  In mid-April, his bridge with three teeth fell out due to receding gums.  The original bridge was done by a chatty, old dentist on College Street near Bathurst, someone who would buy suits in Hong Kong for a 10th of the price in Toronto. The bridge was done in 1962, when Andy was 23, to fix his center tooth broke or fell out.

In the picture of Andy with a hacksaw taken last fall, we have circled where the teeth were originally located in his lower jaw.

Length: 2.5 cm
Width: 1.5 cm
Weight: 8 grams

Price: C$125.00

See a size comparison with a quarter and a different view of the tooth