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Moose Antler Carving Keychain

Order code:  CR-649-G11072101

Quantity in Stock: 1

Price: C$50.00

This is carved from a piece of moose (Alces alces) antler. It is 6.25" long with the keychain. The sculpture is 3" long and is 0.9 x 0.75" at the base.

Made in Canada.

Plaques with Badges

These are vintage souvenir sew-on badges/patches mounted on metal and glass frames. They are in good condition. These patches come from northern Canada, from institutions such as the Arctic Circle Club and the Canadian Ice Patrol. The large frame contains 14 badges and the small frame contains 12 badges. Each badge is unique.

The badges are NOT sold separately. 

Small Plaque, 12 badges
Order code:  CR-649-G15110901

Length: 77 cm
Width: 21 cm


Large Plaque, 14 badges
Order code:  CR-649-G15110902

Length: 62 cm
Width: 39 cm


Left to Right: Small and Large Plaque with Badges

Muskox Picture

Order code:  CR-649-G15110903

This vintage framed picture shows several muskox in front of a meteorological station in Arctic Canada.

Length: 39 cm
Width: 31.5 cm

Price: C$150.00

Zulu Movie Poster

Order code:  CR-649-G15110904

Zulu is a 1964 epic war film depicting the Battle of Rorke’s Drift between the British Army and the Zulus in January 1879 during the Anglo-Zulu War.  It depicts 150 British soldiers successfully holding off 4,000 Zulu warriors.

Length: 84 cm
Width: 69 cm

Price: C$450.00

Memeluck Dolls

Order code:  CR-1317-xxx

These are handmade dolls made with real fur. Some have plastic faces and others are carved from wood. They come in 3 sizes.

See gallery for prices

Fur Trimmed Ornaments

Order code:  CR-528-2xxx

These are handmade ornaments with faces and trimmed with assorted furs. They come in 4 different styles.

See gallery for different styles

Fur Trimmed Magnets

Order code:  CR-528-3xxx

These are handmade magnets with faces and trimmed with assorted furs. They come in 2 different styles.

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