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Ethnic and Cultural Products

Everything found here is either a closeout, odds & ends item, damaged merchandise, or is available only in limited supply.  If it is not marked sold, it is probably available as we update these pages frequently.  

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Calabash Rattle

Order code:  CR-649-G11072001

Quantity in Stock: 1

The calabash rattle is made of gourd with metal fittings. It is 23.75 cm long, 10 cm wide at the mouth, 7.5 cm diameter, 32.5 cm along the outside curve, and 27.5 cm along the inside curve. Made by African artisans from The Congo.

Price: C$175.00

Mexican Copper Vase

Order code:  CR-649-G11081102

Quantity in Stock: 1

This vase is made from copper in Mexico. It has an antiqued copper finish. This has been gently used and is not being offered as a new item. The vase is 4.25" wide at the mouth, 8.5" wide at the handles, and 9.5" high.

Price: C$145.00

The copper vase is shown on the left.
The copper pan/tray is shown on the right is sold.

More views of the copper vase: Side, Top, and Bottom.

Basotho Hat

Order code:  CR-860

Quantity in Stock: 1

These are the traditional hats worn by tribesmen in the mountainous country of Lesotho.

Price: C$125.00

Fulani Hat

Order code:  CR-649-G11072701

Quantity in Stock: 1

This is a traditional Fulani hat from Burkina Faso.

Price: C$125.00

Indonesian Wooden Long Face Mask

Order code:  CR-649-G15082001

Quantity in Stock: 1

This vintage mask is handcarved from wood and handpainted. It is decorated with a lizard and dotted lines. It measures 99.5 cm long, 14 cm wide and 6 cm high. It weighs 0.92 kg.

Great wall decor.

Price: C$75.00

Felt Appliqué of Inuit Scene

Order code:  CR-649-G15110905

This handmade felt applique works well as a decorative wall hanging. It depicts three Inuit, an igloo, and a sled with a moccasin/boot in each corner.

Length: 80 cm
Width: 45 cm

Price: C$400.00

Smaller Felt Appliqué of Inuit Scene

Order code:  CR-649-G15110906

This handmade felt applique works well as a decorative wall hanging. It depicts three Inuit (man with a drum, woman, and child) with tails, two black seals, and two ulu/knives in the top corners.

Length: 45 cm
Width: 51 cm

Price: C$250.00

Zulu Spears (Assegai) and Shield

Assegai or assagai is Arabic for a pole weapon used for throwing or hurling. It is made of wood with an iron point.

This is a pointed oval Zulu shield, decorated with geometric designs. It has loops on each of its four points and is made from rawhide and wood. 

Big Spear / Zulu Assegai
Order code:  CR-649-G15110907

Overall length: 176 cm
Width at base: 1.5 cm
Circumference at the middle: 7 cm
Length and width of Blade: 42 x 4 cm

Price: C$250.00

Small Spear / Zulu Assegai
Order code:  CR-649-G15110908

Overall length: 78 cm
Width: 1.5 cm
Circumference at the middle: 6.5 cm
Length and width of Blade: 24 x 3 cm

Price: C$150.00


Left to Right: Big Spear, Zulu Shield, Small Spear
and Reproduction Harpoon

***The Zulu Shield is SOLD***

Reproduction Harpoon

Order code:  CR-649-G15110910

This reproduction harpoon is in great condition. It has a wooden case and rope attached to it. Its barbed hook is hinged at the top.

Overall length: 193.5 cm
Length of wooden case: 119 cm
Width of wooden case: 6 cm
Circumference at middle of wooden case: 20 cm
Length and width of Hook: 18 x 2 cm

Price: C$1,500.00

South African Union Flag

Order code:  CR-649-G16091901

Quantity in Stock: 1

Union flag from 1910, probably from the late 70s or 80's. Made in South Africa. Historic artefact.

Approximately 70" long by 48" wide.

Price: C$650.00

See a close up of the design, the bottom left, the top left, the top right, and the bottom right corners