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Mink Skins

See a close up of the mink skins

From Top to Bottom: Blue Iris, Pearl, Mahogany and Sapphire mink skins.

We have a limited number fashion quality wild mink skins in stock in Canada. Only natural colors are available at this time. The mink skins are cased. They measure approximately 70 to 75 cm from the tip of the nose to tip of tail and 11 to 12 cm wide across the body. Tails are approximately 18.5 to 19 cm long. They weigh approximately 56 g.

The female skins are approximately 66 to 79 cm from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail in overall length.  Useable length is about 53 cm long from the ears to the base of the tail and 6.5 cm wide at the top and about 10 to 13 cm wide at the bottom.  The tail is about 18 cm long.  The skins come cased (like a sausage).  When cut open, they are about twice as wide. All skins are natural colors. See color chart below.

Order Code Description Price
CR-28-F-BI Female Mink:Blue Iris C$175.00
CR-28-F-MH Female Mink:Mahogany C$150.00
CR-28-F-PE Female Mink:Pearl C$150.00
CR-28-F-SA Female Mink:Sapphire C$115.00
CR-28-F-WH Female Mink:White C$115.00

Genus and species: Mustela vison. Ranch.

Mink are not endangered and are not subject to CITES controls.

Product of Canada

Mink Skin Colors

Female Mink:Blue Iris

Order Code: CR-28-F-BI

See a close up of the mink skins

Female Mink:Mahogany

Order Code: CR-28-F-MH

Female Mink:Pearl

Order Code: CR-28-F-PE

Female Mink:Sapphire

Order Code: CR-28-F-SA

See a close up of the mink skins

Female Mink:White

Order Code: CR-28-F-WH

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