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Black Bear Tooth Necklaces

Left to right: Black bear tooth and Black bear molar necklaces

These REAL 1-Bear Tooth necklaces hang on a 19" to 19.25" (48-49 cm) round black leather strap with carved wooden beads and a real black bear tooth. The hanging length of the tooth necklace is 11.5" (29 cm), and the length of the tooth varies from necklace to necklace. They usually range between 5 to 8 cm long. The hanging length of the molar necklace is 9", and the molars vary in size.

Order Code Description Price
CR-560-Q161N Black Bear Tooth Necklace C$65.00
CR-560-Q604 Black Bear Molar Necklace NEW! C$32.00

Genus and species: Ursus americanus.  Wild.  CITES II.

Black bears are covered by CITES.

Black bear around the world are considered to be a threatened species.  The trade in products from these animals is regulated to ensure that the bears do not face extinction.  Black bear are no longer found in some areas, but are quite plentiful in Canada.  In fact, according to the Globe & Mail, more than 100,000 black bears are thought to live in the Canadian province of Ontario alone.  All of our black bear products have been legally acquired.  Most of the bear skins and claws come from legal hunting or culling programs.

Not for export in small quantities. Export may be possible for orders exceeding C$2,000.

For more information, see My Understanding of Ontario's Wildlife Laws and the Trade in Wildlife Products.

Made in Canada

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