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Antique Eyeglasses

See our gallery of authentic vintage eyeglasses below.

Order Code Description Price
CR-1307-Gxx Vintage Eyeglasses See gallery below.

There are no export controls for this item.

Gallery of Antique Eyeglasses for Sale

You get the exact one shown when ordering by number.

We update our website nearly every day. If it is not marked as sold, it is most likely available.


Antique Steampunk Glasses

Order Code: CR-1307-G01

These wire frame glasses are in pretty good condition. They come with a metal case lined with felt. The lenses have a few scratches and are prescription lenses.

Lens: 3.75 cm x 2.75 cm
Case: 13 cm x 5 cm

Length of arms along the outside curve: 15 cm
Bridge: 2.5 cm
Width of the glasses: 11 cm

Weight: 58 grams

Price: C$225.00


See a size comparison of the glasses and its case with a quarter and see the glasses alone

Vintage Eyeglasses

Please note that the prices below are per item, not group of items.

Order Code Description Price Each
CR-1307-G02 to G07 Wire Frame Eyeglasses C$125.00
CR-1307-G08 to G09 Pince-Nez C$125.00
CR-1307-G10 to G12 Pince-Nez with Case C$125.00
CR-1307-G13 Wire Frame Eyeglass with Case C$125.00
CR-1307-G14 to G15 Pince-Nez with Case C$125.00
CR-1307-G16 to G18 Lorgnettes C$125.00
**G17 has been sold
CR-1307-G19 Monocle C$125.00
CR-1135-G09 Wooden Box with Sliding Lid
(29 x 17 x 9 cm)

The eyeglasses and wooden box are from Hungary.

Vintage Eyeglasses Parts

Order Code: CR-1307-G20

These are miscellaneous eyeglasses parts.

Empty Cases
Price: C$10.00 each

Brown zipper case with 3 lenses (transparent, red and green)
Price: C$20.00

Loose Lenses
Price: C$2.00 each

Price: C$5.50 each

Plastic Lorgnette Frame
Price: C$5.00

First Photo, from Left to Right: 2 empty cases, and a brown zipper case with 3 lenses
Second Photo: 9 lenses (1 yellow, 8 transparent)

Third Photo, Left to Right: Plastic Lorgnette frame, and 3 wire-frames (one with one lens attached)

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